The Worcester Hop

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be at the right time/right place combination! The Salvation Army of course!Somehow I managed to find what is nowadays my all time favorite!!. I did not know then what I know know. I was just in awe with the beauty of the colors and the pattern design, and like I said it was my lucky day, had a white ticket wich happened to be the color for the 50% off deal!!! so without much more of the thinking process I bough it,  Once at home with the help of quintessential Google  I realized that I was able to aquire a VERY expensive set of fine bone china, in this case from The Royal Worcester Company under the name of Hop Mathon .Now Im the proud owner of 9 dinner plates, 12 salad plates,6 teacup & saucer sets,creamer, sugar bowl(no lid tough) and 6 soup bowls…..heaven…Iim in heaven….the plan is start looking very patiently to complete my china with the missing pieces( the replacement parts are WAYYYYY to expensive on line) buy I love this pattern so much that its so worth it to be on the haunt till  I cand find them .This one Im planning on keeping for my personal use. As a matter of fact Thanksgiving Dinner gave me the perfect excuse ( as if  I needed one!!!)to use my new vintage adition-adiction!!!  What do you think? do you share my love for it?

The Tea Party Company Royal Worcester Mathon Vintage 1965

Vintage Royal Worcester China Hop Mathon

The Tea Party Company Royal Worcester Mathon Vintage 1965 (2)